Directed by Francisco Fioravanti

VFX and Consultansy

  • 2D and 3D animation (Motion graphics and characters)

  • Digital Composition:

  • Chroma Key

  • Tracking 2D y 3D

  • Product replacement

  • Replacement of elements (sky, objects, etc.)

  • Cosmetic digital retouch for:

  • Clear  wrinkles (face).

  • Smoothen expression lines.

  • Remove hair freeze and add shine.

  • Aesthetic digital retouching:

  • Fix imperfections.

  • Improve shots.

  • Add items.

Don't know how to shoot?

We offer advice on making complex shots containing VFX to facilitate the post production process. Ask us how.

Color Grading

Color grading is an artistic and technical process. To reach the current high levels of demand, experience, creativity, imagination, technology, passion and, above all, commitment to the image are required.

We offer you:

  • Advice for the design of the workflow according to your requirements and production conditions.

  • Color correction for digital formats: Standard Definition NTSC and PAL, High Definition 1080/720, 2K and 4K for film and television.


  • Compressions to different formats for:

  • TV channels (A+V, Adstream)

  • Social Media

  • Youtube, vimeo y Video Streaming

  • Master uncompressed

  • Upscale for cinemas and conversion to DCP format.

  • Adaptations to LED screens with different resolutions.

  • Video for outdoors.


Directed by Francisco Fioravanti