What is virtual reality?

It is the creation of an environment to give the feeling of being immersed in it. This environment can be a photograph or video in 360º (spherical) or it can be an environment created completely in the computer. We can interact with this environment through the use of virtual reality helmets (complete immersion) or through the monitor and the computer mouse (semi-immersive virtual reality). We offer its use in applications oriented to construction companies (presentation of projects before building), hotels, real estate, tourism, education sector, industries, marketing, activations or any situation that requires interaction using the generation of environments by computer (3D animation ), photography or videos in 360º. 

OUR WORK - Guayaquil Airport

We are Google Trusted Photographers and have made contributions to the Google Maps and Street View platform with 360 photos.

What is an Interactive Virtual Tour?

An Interactive Virtual Tour is a series of Interactive 360º photographs, which, connected together, allow you to travel through a spatial area both externally and internally in a fast and intuitive way thanks to the use of icons that interconnect the panoramic images. Virtual tours are currently the Internet service with the greatest appeal to users. These virtual tours open up great possibilities for strategic communication. Any company can show its facilities and products in an attractive way, with a visual impact difficult to achieve by other means.

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